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God  Tube utilizes Web based technology to connect Christians for the purpose of encouraging and advancing the Gospel worldwide.  

Watch These Videos Located Below from Doug Batchelor and Amazing Facts!

"The Richest Caveman: The Doug Batchelor Story"

The Millennial Man An ancient prophecy predicts the rise and fall of nations.

Back To Jerusalem Hidden keys to understanding symbols in the prophecies.

The Coming King Satan's reign of terror will soon end.

The Rebellious Prince The most tragic rebellion of all time.

The Supreme Sacrifice A father's painful decision to sacrifice his beloved son.

The Law Of The King The choice between God and the law of the man.

Bricks Without Straw An evil Pharaoh oppresses and burdens God's people.

The Glorious Kingdom Israel at its zenith pales in comparison to God's kingdom.

The Witch Of Endor Aged monarch desperately seeks advice from the other side.

Cities Of Ash "Escape for your life! Do not look behind you."

A River Of Life Six times he went under the water and nothing changed.

Resting The Land One day this tired old planet will have a 1,000-year rest.

Bowing To Babylon 3 brave young men stand for truth and face a fiery furnace.

The Mark Of Cain Soon everyone will be given the seal or receive a mark.

A Heavenly Model A 3-dimensional object lesson plan, to save us from sin.

Cleansing The Temple Soon, the Lord will again cleanse His sanctuary.

A Tale Of Two Women How to use God's Word to uncover the true last-day church.

Windows Of Heaven He had become a very prosperous and generous man.

The Daughters Dance A mother's sinister plan to persecute God's people.

Ten Times Wiser The secret to profound wisdom, health, and long life.

Voice In The Wilderness An army works to prepare the world for Jesus' soon return.

Proving The Prophets Jesus warned of many false prophets in the last days.

A Jar Of Oil God wants to fill your cup to overflowing with His oil!

Above The Crowd Fearlessly he was determined to please only God.

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