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All Gospel Lyrics

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 All Gospel lyrics have been put on paper and recorded by many studios around the globe touching lives and hearts of those in need. You can not help but be touched by the sweet sorrows of a Gospel song.

 People from all walks of life come together for this entire weekend event to celebrate the roots and history of Gospel music.

 June 26, 2005 People in today's world do not take the time to praise God through music lyrics as well as prayer. Zion Temple Holy Church, Gospel lyrics and F B E Entertainment have joined forces to bring all churches from the entire New England region together with this annual celebration of gospel music. This entire weekend will consist of clinics and workshops on Gospel music lyrics. Two time Grammy winner Tramline Hawkins will perform as well as speak at the afternoon workshop.

 All events and concerts with Gospel music lyrics will be held at the world renowned Berkley School of music and the Berkley Performance Center located in Boston MA. Also performing will be local Gospel artist Gail Mc Aden and a 24 year old pastor from Compton California who will be the debuting his highly anticipated first gospel album his name is Gospel Pastor Michael Hart. You do not want to miss the Berkley Reverence ensemble choir led by Mr. Dennis Montgomery III.
One ticket allows for access to all weekend events.

 Full Blown Entertainment & Zion Temple Holy Church presents Boston's First Annual Christian music and glory concert.        

 Featuring Legendary Gospel lyrics Singer Tramline Hawkins and starring Rising Gospel recording artist from California Pastor Michael Hart. There will be a special guest appearance by Local Gospel singing sensation Gail Mc Aden. Gospel lyrics and music performed by Berkley Reverence Ensemble Band.

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All Gospel Lyrics