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Black Gospel Lyrics

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Black Gospel Stage Plays Writing Competition

 The Black Gospel Lyrics Play Association announces a stage play competition for inspirational plays and to showcase undiscovered Christian talent.
 Nashville, T N March 9, 2006 The Black Gospel Music & Play Association has announced a stage play competition. The competition is open to all writers who have authored inspirational pieces for the stage.

 “We earnestly hope this will be a breakthrough in the inspirational Gospel play market” says board chairman Pearl Murray-Dunn. “So often you see pieces that are not written as well as they could or should be. Our aim is to expose those hidden gems and bring them to light as well as showcase some up and coming new Black Gospel music lyrics talent.”

 The competition deadline is April 30, 2006. The entry fee is $35.00 for each typed written Gospel play. The grand prize winner will receive a cash prize along with a live staged reading of their play in Nashville, T N.

 The Black Gospel Play Association is a group writers, poets, directors and producers. Founded in 2005 and based in Nashville, TN, the association is committed to the genre of inspirational Christian stage plays.

 Dunn states “There are scores of undiscovered individuals around the country who have authored free Gospel music lyrics and plays for their churches, organizations and groups. We encourage those folks to enter the competition so they will have an opportunity to have their work showcased to a national audience.


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