Gospel Music Lyrics

Gospel Music Lyrics


Black Gospel music lyrics have been written for hundreds of years! That's right. A lot of gospel songs were written when slavery was apart of our world in North America. A Black gospel music lyric have singers and writers who brought peace to those in a time of depression and hopelessness. When times seemed so unbearable and never ending, gospel music brought peace to those who desperately needed it. Christian music and the gospel of God saved many people from depression and the sense of loneliness.

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 Gospel singer, songwriter, guitarist Sister Rosetta Thorpe was the first great star of a Black Gospel music lyric, surfacing on the pop music charts in 1938. She remained popular through the 1940s, continuing to hit the charts and drawing tens of thousands of fans to see her perform live in venues across the United States. She lost the support of some of her church fans, now and then, when she performed in secular venues as well, as when she recorded songs not recognized as 'Christian'. The fans she lost were somewhat forgiving, as she remained true to her faith, for the most part, throughout her recording career which spanned the remainder of her life with a free Gospel music lyrics writer.


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