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Black Gospel Piano Chords

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Black Gospel Piano Chords

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Breakthrough Piano Playing Method Makes Improvising with Chords Easy and Fun!

By Edward Weiss


 Have you ever walked by a piano and wondered "how can anyone make sense of all those Black Gospel piano chords?" If that's you, then you're going to love this.


 Listen, 16 years ago I was in the same boat. You see, I was a Black Gospel music lyrics for a guitar player and the thought of actually making Black Gospel music at the piano seemed way out there. In fact, the whole idea that anyone could make heads or tales of all those keys always amazed me.



 But, I did enjoy playing Black Gospel chords on the piano, especially the solo piano music of George Winston. I loved his music and wondered if I could create like that. I then started my African American Christian tablature journey of musical discovery. At that time, it led me to all my local libraries in the city of San Diego. I hit local libraries, college libraries, anywhere there were books on Black Gospel music chords and tablature.


 And do you know what I discovered about Gospel music lyrics? Very little! That's right.

 There was a pitiful amount of Black Gospel chords and tablature information available on how to improvise and create your own Black Gospel music for the piano. Oh, there were books on how to compose chords or tablature. But most of these authors assumed you already knew counterpoint and other higher-level harmony knowledge taught at African American lyrics or Black Christian colleges.

 What a disappointment!. But my luck was about to change. Just by chance, I happened upon a very slim volume at San Diego State University for African Americans or Blacks. I forget the name of the title but basically, the book on Black Gospel piano chord tablature for the piano showed you how to play chord changes within a given framework. That framework was something called phrases. Four-bar phrases, eight-bar phrases, etc.

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Black Gospel Piano Chords