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Christian Poetry

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Inspirational Poetry Combines with Jazz and Creates a New Musical Genre

 I have been writing Christian poetry since I was a young child. Growing up in a Christian home I learned of Jesus and the gospel at a young age. I always loved to write Gospel songs and music and since started publishing Gospel articles.

 Sam Darby creates new genre for Christian tablature and inspirational writings listening by combining smooth jazz with inspirational poetry. This unique and music is a "smoother" option to religious rap and presents another means to celebrate your Christianity.

 March 12, 2005 -- Deep Voice Productions has released Sam Darby’s CDs, I’m Your Reflection and Stop in the Name of Love. These cutting edge CDs create another genre for Christian music listeners. Rhyming and music have traditionally been considered the domain of rap artist. More recently religious rap or holy hip-hop has gained a level of popularity within Christian music. What Sam has done is to combine inspirational poetry with a smoother sound to create what many say is a new genre for poetry and Christian listening.

 Darby’s work is a unique blend of inspirational Christian poetry and contemporary music. Smooth jazz rhythms in inspirational contexts accompany Sam Darby’s distinctive deep voice as he creates word pictures, that he says are intended to de-stress, inspire and emotionally transport you from the mundane to the eternal poetry.

 Many feel that Sam Darby has actually created a new genre of religious music for listeners thirsting for a contemporary means to celebrate their Christianity. Some have described Darby’s work as gospel rap, but with a smooth jazz sound. Others have compared it in style to the Last Poets, a group that was popular in the seventies. Regardless of the designation, listeners are becoming more and more attracted to the thoughtful inspirational poetry, intriguing rhythms and Sam’s inimitable Black Gospel music lyrics and interpretations. 

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Christian Poetry