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Janette Carter

 We have wide selection of Christian videos located on the index page of this website. Everything from Southern Gospel music videos to ghetto Gospel video's featuring Tupac and Elton John. Al though this is a Christian website I believe all types of Gospel should be shown here as it all comes from the hearts of those have been hurt or are praising God our Father and Jesus Christ our lord.

 The Carter Family Fold is located just off A P Carter Memorial Highway in a place locals call Poor Valley. Ridges of the Appalachian Mountains rise and fall in every direction, with a few small homes cradled between. This is technically Hiltons, V A, with “no more than a couple thousand musical and Black Gospel music lyrics with people scattered around,” says Janette Carter, founder of the Fold.

 Despite the modest size and remote location of the town, nearly every Saturday night as many as 800 people—usually from several states and sometimes a foreign country or two—gather at the Fold to hear the kind of old-time Country and Gospel music lyrics made popular in the 1920s. Bands with names like Morning Dew and Reedy Creek play acoustic fiddles, autoharps, mandolins, and banjos, while the enthusiastic music audience claps and clogs on the dance floor.

 “It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” says Summerland Lutz, a student at the University of Virginia who visited the Fold recently. “It’s so much fun just to jump around and not be embarrassed, and I’m really impressed by the participation of the older Gospel music loving people.”

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