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Contemporary Christian Music

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 Buffalo, N Y  February 11, 2006 The contemporary Christian music group Tree63 was recently interviewed by Mark Weber of Christian Music Monthly, an international website devoted to Contemporary Christian and Gospel music, and Christian Contemporary Music Monthly, its accompanying article.

 Tree 63 is a South African band. They cite U2 as an influence. Their music is considered mainstream in their native land. Now living in Nashville, the band has recently made inroads in the U.S. market with a hit Contemporary Christian music radio song, “Blessed Be The Name.” The tune is also popular in many churches around the world, with several recording artists having recorded it. Tree 63 has made the definitive and most popular version.

 “Tree63 is extremely popular,” says Mark Weber, of Contemporary Christian songs and Gospel Music Monthly. “They’re very appealing to young people, who are buying their CDs and attending their concerts in droves. I was fortunate to interview the lead singer about a variety of topics.”

 With a focus on "artists you know and want to know more about," Christian Contemporary and Gospel Music Monthly, which operates out of Buffalo, New York, as both a website and an article, covers Contemporary Christian and Gospel music's most popular stars, including Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Mercy Me, Jeremy Camp, Kirk Franklin, Nicole C. Mullen, Third Day, Jars Of Clay and others with sales in the millions. It also features up-and-comers and Indies, providing readers with news and views about a truly wide variety of recording artists. Contemporary and Gospel music lyrics and Christian Music Monthly started out as “Zee bovine,” with 50 subscribers in 2001. Five years later, the article, renamed Christian Music Monthly, counts over 2,300 subscribers from the U.S., Canada, and many other countries all over the world.


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