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Gospel Love Songs

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Gospel Love Songs

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Gospel Love Songs

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On one of these pages are the lyrics to one of many Gospel love songs called "wait for the healing."

 Magnetic Music April, 2003 CD Debut in Memphis

 You've read the Gospel Love Book Faith, Songs, Love & Life a Collection of Poems & Songs. You've heard the spoken word CD, now hear the music from the first release of love songs titled "Faith"

 Love, Faith… Is an absolute trust in God that the impossible can be accomplished? Will show, tell and demonstrate the Gospel and Glory to God.

 All ears are eager to hear the first release of songs from the book titled “Faith Love & Life” A Collection of Christian poems & songs written by Stanley E Alston ISBN 0-9719897-0-2.

 It’s intense with spiritual creativity as it reveals the struggle of Flesh and Spirit, the pain and joy of understanding the walk by Love and Faith of the Gospel, and not by site.

 A Traditional Gospel Style is represented in the soul stirring song “My Life Belongs To Jesus” as this artist confesses his love of God. The original version of “Search Me” written by the Father of Gospel Music “Thomas Andrew Dorsey”, is proof that a great voice needs no accompaniment.

 “Tell The Lord I Love You” the intro song is profound with a spiritual romance of our awareness of creation, and the obedience requested by God. This blend of today’s Cultural Gospel music lyrics Rhythm of Love is demonstrated in the tracks “Sky to Be Free” and “Lord I Believe”.

 The toe tapping, foot slapping, emotional track titled “Do You Know about Jesus” will take you into a hypnotic frenzy. These tracks and the track “Gospel and Love” are sure to change the way our young poets and traditionalist will view Gospel songs forever.

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Gospel Love Songs