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Fine Tuning the Sound of Gospel Music with Discounted Musical Sheets

By Jerry Martin

 Southern Ohio Gospel Music Sheet Company is offering numerous Gospel musical sheets and tablatures that range from the classics to the contemporary pieces and marvellous etudes for brass at a discounted price.

 January 12, 2006 All Gospel sheet music lovers who want to enhance their skill in playing their favourite brass instruments are in for a wonderful treat because Southern Gospel Ohio Music Company, the leading provider of Gospel music lyrics and Christian musical sheets and etudes, is holding a close out sale on their Low Brass Music.

 Now, Low Brass Gospel sheet music players can avail of their favourite pieces and etudes at a discounted price. The Baritone and Piano with Black Gospel music lyrics and  musical sheets and tablatures ranges from Symphony to Ponchielli's Gospel Concerto (Editions Marc Refit) while Trombone and Piano pieces include pieces like Boutros Capriccio, Corelli-Brown ‘s Sonata #10 in F major International), and Handel/Fitzgerald’s Arm, Arm, Ye Brave, the popular aria from "Judas Maccabbaeus.”

 Several Southern Gospel music lyrics Trombone etudes are also available for those who want to polish their skills in playing their brass instrument of choice. Etudes for both the elementary Gospel and advanced levels can be obtained at the Southern Gospel Ohio Sheet Music Company. This wide selection of etudes includes Suites 4, 5, & 6 for Violoncello, 36 Studies Volume 2 (International Music), and Legato Etudes for Trombone (Fischer) to name a few.

 In addition, Brass Quintet Sheet Music and tablatures like Christmas Oratorio Suite, Debussy Suite, Minuet from "The Royal Gospel Fireworks", and "The Trumpet Shall Sound" from the Messiah are also available at a discounted price.

About the Company

 The Southern Gospel Ohio Sheet Music Company is a Cincinnati based company that deals exclusively with brass music sheet. As a matter of fact, the company is one of the best sources of Gospel and Christian musical sheets that can help Gospel musicians hone their prowess, develop various musical techniques, and generally become a better musician. The company offers a wide range of Gospel and Christian music sheets including trumpet sheet music, Gospel sheet music, and French horn sheet music.

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