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Gospel Sheet Music

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 We have a wide variety of Gospel sheet music. We have everything from Bluegrass Gospel music to Southern Baptist Gospel songs. Many of the churches who visit our site use our resources for Sunday services. The free Gospel articles and lyrics are a genuinely great asset to those who seek God through tablature and gospel music.

 There is already a deep fault line running through both the music F I E C and Grace Groupings of churches. This must be said, Gospel music lyrics are much as we love and respect for so many people in these churches. On the one hand there are those ministers and congregations who keep apart from worldliness, and maintain holy and reverent worship. On the other are those who advocate the use of contemporary music, worldly worship and all that goes with it.

 Praise! Hymn book is no doubt intended to smooth away the musical scruples of traditional believers, but it is a foolish aim, because these scruples are based on biblical convictions. The existing chasm between these viewpoints will soon be forced into a full breach, and, sadly, it will be a necessary division, because biblical music convictions cannot live alongside the grotesque profanities of worldly music in worship. This compromise is terrible. It is deeply offensive to God, and utterly injurious to Christians.

 Ministers may continue to preach the Gospel Musicians sound doctrine in the midst of carnal noise - but they will only be serving Satan's purpose by calming and reassuring the faithful, while corruption gains total control.

 We would plead with ministers and churches who have been persuaded to regard this hymnbook as a product of godly musical thought, to consider instead the full nature of its compromise, and its certain shattering of the precious jewel of reverent Gospel music worship. May pastors and elders not come into the condemnation of Jeroboam 'who made Israel to sin'.

 Many churches which have gone down this road in recent years have already become markedly shallow, frothy and indifferent to biblical standards. They have turned their Father's house into a den of entertainers. The writer has many testimonies to this effect, and has seen it in some very large music churches in the USA. There, numbers have sometimes increased, but faithfulness and spirituality have plummeted. This is the future for those who defect to the contemporary worship scene.

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Gospel Sheet Music