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Hymn Of The Faith

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Hymn of the Faith

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Hymn Of The Faith

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 A hymn of the faith is a well written song of the heart. These songs grip your soul and mind and heart because of the truth and honest feelings poured into the song.

 If anybody could keep such a promise about Black Gospel music lyrics, it would be Janette, says Joe, a musician and family friend. “Janette doesn’t push and she doesn’t lead,” he explains. “She just outworks everybody.”

 Her formula for success includes strictly acoustic old-time or bluegrass performances, an equally strict “no alcohol” rule, and a rustic setting with exposed beams, carpeted walls, and patches of exposed dirt floor. The stage itself is just as casual: A vintage green sofa scattered dining chairs, mounted deer heads, and poster-size music pictures of the Original Carter Family are the only ornamentation with Gospel music lyrics.

 The show begins with Janette performing a couple of Carter Family tunes with her brother, Joe, and son Dale. They might play a mournful version of Lonesome Valley with free Gospel music lyrics or a snatch of a new half-written song of music they want to try out on listeners. Then they turn the evening over to the featured bands, some of which travel hundreds of miles just to perform on the famous stage.

“She has a good band every week,” says Knox Johnson, who has visited the Fold regularly for more than 20 years. “I’d rather go there than anywhere when it comes to Gospel music and entertainment.”


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Hymn Of The Faith