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Listen To A Gospel Song

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Listen To A Gospel Song

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Listen To A Gospel Song

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Suggestions for Introducing Variety into a Song Service

 New songs should be introduced regularly and then listen to a Gospel song then sang frequently until they become an integral part of the church family’s ever-enlarging song repertoire. In recent years Majesty Music published a new hymnbook which contains many beautiful songs which were written in the last few decades. (For the address for Majesty Gospel music lyrics see the aforementioned article “Helpful Resources on Music” at the Way of Life web site.) This music is contemporary in the sense that it is new but it is not contemporary in style. (We must warn that some of the new Patch the Pirate children’s tapes are, in our opinion, moving in the direction of contemporary sounds.)

 Pastor David Earn hart says: “For many years we have used the Chorus of the Month. And don’t forget the ‘old Gospel songs.’ I have often used songs like ‘Thank You Lord for Saving My Soul.’ Last year many raised their hands to indicate they did not know that song even if it was ‘old hat’ to us old-timers!.  This brings new Christians into the ‘common fold’ of music shared by Christians over many miles, and even generations.”

 Pastor Don Williams, Believers Baptist Church in Winona Lake, Indiana, says: “As for learning new songs, my family regularly picks out a new song from our hymnal and works on learning it for a couple weeks. Then we introduce it to the congregation as a special and begin to sing it in the song services. Our church has learned a lot of new Gospel songs that way.”

 Singing Scripture is a wonderful way to praise the Lord and edify the saints. During the Sunday evening services, for example, some churches sing Scripture songs. Two sources for these are North County Baptist Church, 221 W. 9th Ave., Escondido, CA 92027 and Tri-City Baptist Church, 4500 Salsa Rd., Blue Springs, MO 64015. Not only do these introduce variety within the music program, but nothing surpasses the actual words and verses of Scripture for doctrinal purity and listen to the Gospel song.

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Listen To A Gospel Song