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Religious Song Lyrics

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A Nation under God Book in National Radio Interview

By Jerry Martin

 United News and Information's interview of A Nation under God's author, Clifton, will air the week of Feb. 20-26. There is also a religious song lyrics writing contest this month.

 February 15, 2005 in response to Michael anti-pledge Supreme Court case, 33-year-old Clifton wrote a book of religious music lyrics as well as quotes by every President and state of the USA, officially acknowledging religion and God. "I wanted to help America see the depth of our religious songs with lyrics," Clifton said. "It is as wide as every state, and the depth goes back to our founding and beyond." Clifton says the church-state war is, in a large part, a product of religious song ignorance.

 "When Christianity and religious song tablature was taken out of the classroom, it produced a division in Christian society," Clifton reports. "Christians and religious groups grew up hearing of the religious song heritage of America in their churches and houses. Meanwhile, non-religious lyrical students heard nothing about it. Therefore, today, religion in government is seen as threatened by the religious lyrics and is seen as a new injection of a religious song by the non-religious."

 Clifton says that the only way to fix this is by Christian song lyrics speaking out. “Christians do not speak up about our national songs and religious heritage, who will remind Christian America. Most classrooms are afraid to even mention religion in their classrooms out of fear of legal bills and bad public relations. However, it is in the area of education that the battle must be fought.”


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Religious Song Lyrics