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Song Lyrics Christian

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Island Song Lyrics Volume 8 Published

New collection of songs lyrics Christian music of the islands Return to paradise.

 Honolulu, HI January 19, 2006 Island Christian song Lyrics is a collection of 4000 new island themed songs. Composed mostly in the style of the golden age of Hawaiian and other Pacific islands songs, they will conjure up your Return to Paradise yearning. The collection consists of eight volumes containing 500 Christian songs and lyrics each. Each volume is 8.5 x 11 in size and makes a very colourful addition for coffee tables, as well as interesting and informative reading, reflecting the Gospel music lyrics and historical research contained in many of the compositions.

 After visiting many islands of the Caribbean, the Hawaiian Islands and those of the South Pacific, including Tahiti and others, the author was inspired to write his first song, Under Hanalei Moon, in March of 2002. That Christian song and its lyrics, and its Hawaiian translation, was archived in the prestigious hoopla website for perpetuation of the Hawaiian Gospel music lyrics culture in song.

 Here is what the author, Larry W. Jones, says about them: Island Christian Song Lyrics will serve as a rich database of material for today and for future generations of entertainers. Tropical islands are made for lovers. As Hawaii calls, so do they all, from the seven seas, to you and me. Once you stand on their shores, you may leave but your heart will remain forever. The mountains, valleys, bays, streams, oceans and reefs all have their siren Christian song Lyrics to tempt you to return. These song lyrics will do the same.



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Song Lyrics Christian